"Like fresh grapes in a glass"


Four rooms, built by the 90s, designed to preserve the characteristics of the cluster of Moscato d'Asti, which here becomes wine.
The natural quality of service technology: from the vineyard to the cellar door is a grape and processed according to tradition, from the local wine is a must get pure, clean, in order to work the most of this exceptional raw material.

Valter Barbero, owner of Farmhouse Pian d'Or, this winery has developed close working with the various stages that take place during the year to get a Moscato d'Asti fresh and full of aroma, a true witness of the territory.

Local wine-making: here the must of grapes after pressing and pressing and begins its journey to the encounter with the cold that the characteristic period of aging in the room for freezing cells. The constant monitoring of temperature and the careful microfiltration are two fundamental aspects that allow the Cascina Pian d'Or to bring in a bunch of fresh glass, a wine Moscato d'Asti that keeps the sweet taste of the grape that is harvested in the vineyard.

After you pass the steps of bottling and storage of the product being placed in the warehouse conditions for thermal storage.

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